Nationwide Internship Opportunities with FedEx

Are you thinking about an internship this summer?


FedEx is currently seeking applicants for 160 internships in various locations across the country. Twenty of these positions are highly competitive, hiring-track internships that will lead to a full-time position after graduation.



In order to be eligible for the FedEx intern program, an applicant must be completing their sophomore or junior year of college this spring or be enrolled in graduate school. (Rising Juniors, Rising Seniors, and Graduate Students are all eligible to apply)


Please follow the steps below to access the intern positions:

the Intern positions for FedEx Services)

FedEx Services internship positions are available in multiple locations and in various job categories. Please take the time to review the job descriptions to understand the requirements of each position and to gauge the transferable skills that you will be bringing to the position. For instance, a Supply Chain major may be a good candidate for positions in Accounting/Finance, Sales Solutions, and Sourcing.


Ways to review opportunities/announcements and preparing for the application may include discussing your past work experience and completed course work with your professors and/or staff at the career development center on your campus.  On campus professors and career counselors may be able to assist with your cover letter and resume.