Basic Certificate

Goals of the Basic Certificate

Southwestern College International Logistics and Transportation Basic Certificate is designed to increase the working knowledge of individuals interested in working in transportation and logistics as it relates to international trade. This program offers a practical, relevant approach to trade related logistic issues and can offer individuals opportunities for a real career path with upward mobility options.

Program Description

Prepares students to work in industries affected by, but not limited to, cross-border and international trade. Develops skills that can be utilized internationally, including planning operations, transporting goods, inventory and warehousing, and supply chain management.

Degree/Certificate Options

Consult with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), which lists the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.

Required Coursework

BUS 122: Principles of Importing and Exporting
3 units
Covers the fundamentals of importing, exporting, and U.S. Customs Regulations. Provides an overview of international documentation, financial instruments of trade, and marketing. Emphasis on advanced concepts of exporting and importing, as well as practical application and completion of documents commonly used in the field.

BUS 126.Introduction to Business Logistics Management
3 units
Covers systems approach to managing activities associated with the management of traffic, transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and material handling for international trade. Designed to provide an overview of the fundamentals of logistics management, including its scope, process, functions, and services.

BUS 151. Principles of Operations Management
3 units
Provides a fundamental overview of operations management. Covers operating processes, project management, facilities and capacity planning, quality management, just-in-time and lean systems, forecasting, aggregate planning, inventory management, and resource management.

BUS 173.Transportation Management
3 units
Provides an understanding of transportation in a logistics context. Emphasizes transportation procedures and concepts of efficiency.

BUS 183. Business Mathematics
3 units
Studies the fundamental mathematical operations and their application to business problems. Includes payroll, pricing, interest and discount, commission, taxes, and other pertinent uses of mathematics in the field of business.

CIS 101. Introduction to Computers and Information Processing
4 units
Covers the application of computerized systems in business organizations, including basic concepts of computer organization, data processing systems, decision support systems, and systems analysis. Emphasizes solving business problems through the use of spreadsheet software as well as hands-on introduction to operating system, Internet browser, word processing, database management, presentation graphics, desktop information management, and BASIC programming software.

BUS 211. Communication in Business & Industry
3 units
Includes the principles of writing through writing basic business letters, memos, effective email messages, and a short report. Emphasizes effective oral communication by participating in oral presentations and class discussions.


BUS 212. Business Communication
3 units
Covers the principles of written communication as applied to business, industry, and government, including business letters, memos, and reports. Includes oral communication in the form of a oral PowerPoint presentation.